Horizontal manual hot blast stove



The utility model relates to a horizontal manual hot air stove which comprises a burning stove, a heat exchanger, a blower fan and a smoke guiding blower, wherein the blower fan and the smoke guiding blower are respectively arranged on a hot air inlet of the heat exchanger and a smoke exhaust port of a flue; the burning stove and the heat exchanger have horizontal structures; an outlet of the back side of the burning stove is connected with a flue inlet of the heat exchanger; a stove door is arranged in the front of the burning stove; fire bars are arranged in the front of a hearth of the burning stove; an inner hearth of which the front end is opening is arranged on the fire bars. The back part of the hearth is provided with a settling chamber formed by making use of longitudinal fire blocking walls; a smoke hole is arranged on the lower parts of the fire blocking walls. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, high heat efficiency, energy saving, low cost and convenient operation.




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