Slop shothole drilling field positioning instrument


  • Inventors: QINYONG MA
  • Assignees: 马芹永
  • Publication Date: January 03, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2854083-Y


This utility model relates to an inclining blast-hole and drill-hole locale position finder, and the problems it is designed to solve is to provide a inclining blast-hole and drill-hole locale position finder which is capable of effectively ensuring the drill declining blast-hole to conform to the design requirements without contacting both holes or influencing the blasting effect, characterizing in that it comprises two parallel rulers with a one-meter-distance, and two connecting bars, whose bottoms are connected with angle squares marked with angles calculated to correspond with distances. The inclinations of the blast-holes are directly fixed with the angles marked on the angle squares to make the auger stems of both drills overlap with both movable rules, and thereby achieving the goal of fixing the inclinations of the blast-hole.




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