Automatic service table for golf



An automatic golf serving table, it consists of striking table, a hole is set on the table to let golf come out, and device of arranging golf is set under the table to arrange golf in collection vessel in order and transmit to transmission channel, the entering end and coming end of transmission channel connecting with coming end of arranging device are set on one side of upright post, its top end can be raised above the coming hole, and the upright post lies below the hole of coming device and it is connected with riser of elevator device, ball checking sensor is set on one side of the riser, and riser position sensors are set on the lower and top end of the other side. The utility model can automatically place balls on striking position, after the ball is stroke, another ball will be transmitted to the striking position automatically, the striking position and height keeps unchanged, it makes player need not to adjust its moving pose after each striking, which is good for improving a player's striking techniques and getting striking feeling better and faster, thereby they can enjoy the movement.




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