Paper napkin pack



It is a tissue packing container. The folded tissues a laminated together in order to get a tissue layered body. Such a body is put inside the packing container, on the top of which an opening for drawing tissues is available. There is top, middle, and bottom folded pieces in the layered body with similar dimensions. However, the dimensions of the top folded piece are somewhat bigger than those for the middle and bottom pieces. The tissues with odd and even numbers are symmetrically combined on the left and right with the first folded line (i) so as to pile the layered body. Part of the top folded piece in the lower position is put between the middle and top folded pieces of the tissue next higher of it. While the tissue on the upper position is drawn out, part of the top folded piece at lower place is taken out, so that part of the top folded piece at lower place stretches out with proper dimensions from the opening.




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