Composite brick


  • Inventors: YIQUAN LIN
  • Assignees: 林艺权
  • Publication Date: January 31, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2863964-Y


The utility model provides a building composite brick which is formed by the fact that: master bricks as a plurality of quadrate or circular holes, a plurality of small square grooves, or a plurality of stepped small square holes are provided on a brick body of perforated brick or aporate brick; slave bricks are formed by quadrate small bricks, steel dogs, bolt and nuts, cement rods or cloth, bamboo and wires; the slave bricks are inserted in the corresponding grooves on the master bricks, bonding with each other by mortar, thus the composite brick is formed. The advantages of the utility model is in that: tractive effort of the master brick per se is sufficiently developed, the slave brick is reasonably and scientifically distributed to perform function of 'clip' and 'bonding', together with the mortar, thus the wall builded is extremely firm, shockproof and anti-cracking ability are largely improved. B-type master bricks make the best of brick apertures together with window to ventilate and air a room, thus resistance and adjusting function of human body can be intentionally or inadvertently increased. The composite brick has multiple varieties, fine performance, abroad application and is suitable to multiple requirements of the modernization building industry.




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