Cutter for working small conic hole



The utility model discloses a cutter for processing cone holes, which consists of a clamping handle and a conical cutter head which are entirely connected. One end of the cutter is a clamping handle, while the other end is the cutter head on which is arranged by a knifepoint. The utility model is characterized in that the end surface and the side surface of the knifepoint are inclined planes whose inclination degrees are 1-1.5 degrees; a main cutting edge arranged on the knifepoint is an inclined plane whose inclination angle r is equal to 0.5 degree. When the cutter of the utility model is adopted for processing, the lathy straight holes can be communicated with conical holes, and the center of the conical hole and that of the straight hole can be guaranteed to be in superposition. The roughness of the surface of the conical hole is good and the processing precision is high. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation and high production efficiency.
本实用新型公开了一种用于加工小锥孔的刀具,刀具由一体连接的装夹柄和圆锥形刀头组成,所述刀具的一端为装夹柄,另一端为刀头,刀头上设置有刀尖,其特征在于:刀尖的端面和侧面为斜面,其倾斜角度为1°~1° 30′;设置在刀尖的主切削刃为斜面,其倾斜角r为30′。采用本实用新型刀具进行加工时,能将细长的直孔与小锥形孔连通,可以保证锥孔与直孔的中心重合,锥孔表面的粗糙度好,加工精度高,有操作简单,生产效率高的优点。




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