Solar hydrogen-oxygen generating apparatus


  • Inventors: WENZHANG LIN
  • Assignees: 林文章
  • Publication Date: February 14, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2869038-Y


A solar oxy hydrogen generator apparatus comprises an oxy hydrogen machine and a solar generator is provided. The oxy hydrogen machine is composed of an electrolytic bath filled with electrolyte, a plurality of battery lead plates separately fixed inside the electrolytic bath, and an air outlet hole arranged on the upper part of the electrolytic bath which is connected with the air outlet hole. The solar generator can transfer solar light into electrical energy, so that the oxy hydrogen machine can be supplied with power source, and the battery lead plates infused in the electrolyte can electrolyze the electrolyte to generate hydrogen and oxygen, by which means the auxiliary electricity is produced to meet the electricity-use needs of the oxy hydrogen machine and the hydrogen and oxygen are also produced by the machine for downstream equipment to use. Therefore, the reduction of the city electricity energy consumption and requirements for energy saving and environmental protection are realized.




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