Loop unfastening device for colonoscope


  • Inventors: ZHIJIAN JIANG
  • Assignees: 蒋志坚
  • Publication Date: March 14, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2877611-Y


A colonoscope uncoiling apparatus relates to medical apparatus, comprising a directing bar (1), a retractile balloon (2) encircling the bar body, an air flue injection joint (3). A steel wire (4) is provided at the center of the rear middle portion of the directing bar. The retractile balloon (2) is connected with the air flue injection joint (3) which is at the rear of the uncoiling apparatus via a blow hole (5) and a closed air flue (6) disposed in the bar. The air flue injection joint is further provided with a valve (7). The utility model is simple in configuration, convenient to operation, easy to uncoil the loops encountered during a colonoscopy and able to void looping again. The colonoscope uncoiling apparatus is a valuable assistant apparatus in a colonoscopy.




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