Transfusion stand for bag liquid



The utility model of a packaged fluid infusion bracket, comprising a base, a rail, a vertical bar, a pole support, suspension loops, looks a quadrate frame as a whole, wherein on both side of the rear spar of the base, vertical bars of the same height are respectively arranged, between whose top a rail is connected across; on each side of the front part of the base, a upward pole support is provided, the part of whose tops is connected with the according part of the vertical bar via a side rod with suspension loops; to the rail at least one horizontal bar with suspension loops are fixed; the pole support can be a long pole, with the upper part bended to a right angle, whose top is connected with the upper part of the vertical bar; the base can be a one-piece plate; the base and all the bars, suspension hoops are made of stainless steel; the design can hold 40 packs of fluid according to different hospital beds at the same time, which takes a little room and can be put on the medical vehicle, in brief, the utility model, convenient to use, not only labor saving but also time saving, more over, safe and reliable, constructed compactly, easy to operate and manufacture, cheap yet, is an ideal packaged fluid infusion bracket.




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