Fastening device


  • Inventors: QIUTIAN CHEN
  • Assignees: 陈秋田
  • Publication Date: March 14, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2878763-Y


本实用新型涉及一种紧固装置,特别是一种用于把两个或两个以上的机构或零部件紧固在一起的活动固定装置。本实用新型针对现有的用于折叠机构或伸缩机构上的活动固定装置所存在的操作麻烦,联接不牢固,易磨损的缺陷,提供一种操作方便,联接牢固,不易磨损的用于折叠机构或伸缩机构上的一种紧固装置。本实用新型包括轴杆、螺母、滑动卡套、支架、卡圈、销轴和松紧扳手。其中,松紧扳手由偏心轮和手柄组成,偏心轮上设有销轴孔和凹槽,卡圈分别固定在支架两内侧壁上,滑动卡套由外向内插入在支架轴孔内,在滑动卡套上套有弹簧,轴杆插在二只滑动卡套的轴孔内,轴杆一端与螺母相配合,轴杆另一端与插在松紧扳手偏心轮的销轴孔内的销轴联接在一 起。
The utility model relates to a fastening device, in particular to a movable fixture for which two or more mechanisms or parts are fastened together. The utility model provides a fastening device that is easily operated, firmly connected and uneasily worn and that is used for folding mechanisms or scalable mechanisms, against the existing movable fixtures that are used for folding mechanisms or scalable mechanisms and that are not easily operated or firmly connected and are easily worn. The utility model comprises an axis rod, nut, sliding clip sleeves, stent, clip rings, pin axis and elastic wrench. Wherein, the elastic wrench consists of a partial wheel and a handle, the partial wheel is provided with a pin axis hole and a groove, the clip rings are respectively fixed in the two inner walls of the stent, the sliding card sleeves are inserted in the hole of the stent axis from out to in, a spring is covered on the sliding clip sleeves, the axis rod is inserted in the axis holes of the two sliding clip sleeves, one end of the axis rod matches with the nut, and the other end of the axis rod is connected with the pin axis inserted in the partial wheel of the elastic wrench together.




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