Water-saving toilet



The utility model discloses a water-saving toilet comprising a barrel body, a cylinder body, a sitting plate arranged above the barrel body and a drain pipe below. The barrel body is located in the cylinder body. A reset spring is arranged between the barrel body fringe and the cylinder body fringe. A connector is fixed arranged on external wall of the barrel body. One end of the connector is connected with the piston rod of a flushing compression cylinder arranged on internal wall of the cylinder body. A check inlet valve and an outlet valve are arranged on the flushing compression cylinder, which are respectively connected with a water supply pipe and a water spray pipe. The nozzle of the water spray pipe is arranged in the barrel body. A switch controlling the outlet valve is arranged on outer sidewall of the cylinder body. The utility model has reasonable design, little space occupation, no blockage in use and remarkable effect of saving water and preventing peculiar smell.




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