Composite gear rim structure for rock roller bit



The utility model relates to a compound gear ring assembly used on a roller bit, comprising a roller, a compound gear ring, a toothed gear ring, a plate gear ring, a chip dividing groove and tooth outline teeth. Several carbide alloy teeth are inserted on the plate gear ring or several steel teeth are milling formed on the plate gear ring. Said tooth outline teeth comprise carbide alloy teeth and steel teeth; said chip dividing groove is milling formed on the plate gear ring; the locating circles and positions of said compound gear ring structure can be regulated according to the drilling bit design requirements, layer characteristic and drilling requirements. The utility model can solve the problems of serious tooth abrasion caused by material, flank strengthening or processing techniques, low rock breaking efficiency and reduced mechanical rotating speed cause by unsuitable position of the roller bit at different layers so as to increase the service life of the roller bit and enable the roller bit to be applied at different layers.




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