An overclothes for having dinner


  • Inventors: HAN CAO
  • Assignees: 曹瀚
  • Publication Date: April 04, 2007
  • Publication Number: CN-2884935-Y


The utility model relates to a one time dining vesture for avoiding juicy food spattering on clothes during dining. In order to overcome the unhealthy and inconvenient shortage of table linen type articles, the one time dining vesture of the utility model provides a dining vesture, comprising a front piece, a left sleeve, a right sleeve, a ring turtleneck, a left tie and a right tie, with a bilateral symmetrical integral. The one time dining vesture is one time shaped through degradable material. The one time dining vesture of the utility model is capable of greatly enlarging the healthy covering surface of clothes, thereby avoiding juicy food from spattering on clothes during dining. The characteristic of one time avoids multitime washing and sterilizing, thereby enhancing the sanitary nature of dining. The one time dining vesture of the utility model completely resolves the question that the conventional table linen type articles are unhealthy and inconvenient, and the degradable material will not influence environmental conservation.




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