Controllable and adjustable handle



The utility model relates to a manipulative adjustable handlebar primarily solving the problem of the lack of the current technique that the drawing length of the control handle used for motorcycle can not be rectified before parking. The solution is that a rotation axis provided with the fixation hoop of handlebar can be circled around handlebar and a rotation cam controlled by handle is equipped with the corresponding position between the handlebar and rotation axis. Once used, pull the handle to make the cam rotate then the surface of the cam slide along the axis of fixation hoop of handlebar. Simultaneously, with the variety of the radial size of the cam, the top of the axis depends on the cam to rotate the handle around the connection axis on the handle support pedestal, thereby achieving the purpose of dominating the clutch or brake apparatus through controlling the drawing length by handle. The utility model has advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, adjusting at will and controlling the length of the clutch line and brake cables quantitatively for drivers.




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